Map of Easter Cruise

I was on board NB Rodbaston for a week leading up to the Easter weekend with some friends.

I’ve been playing with Google Maps, who now have a facility to let you create your own maps with waypoints etc. shown on them. As an experiment I’ve created a map showing where we moored and a few places of interest along the way. You can see it here – Easter Cruise Google Map

Google Maps
So what do you think? Is this a useful way to show where we are, where we have been, or where to get good beer? This WordPress blog system also has some sort of mapping plugin, so I shall have an experiment with that too at some point.

In time I’ll try and get some photo’s and a bit of a report up from the Easter trip. We easily managed to complete the Cheshire Ring in a week. OK, we did some reasonably long days, but we still spent half a day in Manchester and had some lie-ins. But we were lucky with good weather and a reliable boat!