Survey complete

I arranged for a survey to be carried out, including an out of water hull inspection. The current owner arranged for the boat to be pulled out using the slip at Stafford Boat Club.

My surveyor was happy for me to be present for the latter part of the survey, but wanted to start on his own. I was a bit disappointed that when I arrived she was already back in the water – I had really wanted to view the parts that are normally under the waterline.

Apart from that niggle, the survey went well. I had been confident as she’s not very old, was built by a reputable builder and appeared to have been well maintained. The survey didn’t show up anything major, so the sale is on.

One of my concerns was that having been used as a liveaboard with no electricity supply, the engine has quite high hours having been run to charge batteries every day. I did some research on ‘bore glazing’ which is thought by some to be a problem when diesel engines are run without sufficient load and therefore don’t get up to temperature. However there isn’t any consensus on how real this problem is so now only time will tell.

Now it’s just the hard part to do – being separated with a rather substantial wodge of money!

Offer Accepted!

Well I went and viewed Esta Mora, and fell in love! As far as I can see she’s just what I am looking for. She was built to the spec of the current owners who have been living aboard her since new. She is really well laid out – a lot of thought and experience has gone into the design which I found hard to fault. She also appears to have been really well looked after.

Everything in boat design is a compromise, but this one seemed to tick all the boxes for me. So I put forward an offer (subject to survey) which has been accepted. Fingers crossed now that the survey goes well.