Another possibility

Another boat has come on the market – being sold by ABNB brokerage. I’ve been impressed with ABNB – they put a fantastic amount of detail into their listings with a full 4-page downloadable sheet giving all the information that you could want about any boat.

In this case the boat is at its home mooring rather than ABNB’s yard at Crick. So the full and honest information is really useful in deciding whether or not to take the journey to view.

I’ve arranged an appointment to view, so here’s hoping that it’s worth the trip.

Almost bought a boat

Well my offer on a boat was turned down. I’d made a low-ish offer and was given the opportunity to increase it, which I did, but not to the full asking price. Someone else obviously offered more, so they win! I’m still trying to get a feel for how much to offer. I’ve no idea if boats sell for anything close to the prices asked for by brokers or not.

But for now it’s back to watching the broker’s websites for anything interesting.

Still looking

Well, I’ve still been keeping an eye out for a second hand narrowboat of my own. I’ve had some great holidays this year on my Ownerships shared boat, and been really lucky with the weather (1 week at easter and 2 separate weeks in the summer – and lovely weather for all of them). But a boat of my own would give me more flexibility over when I can go away on it.

So in between long stints of working abroad I’ve been keeping an eye out, mainly on the various brokers websites. I saw a boat that appealed, so before flying out to Denmark I went and took a look. Then after a lot of thinking I made an offer. The vendor is also abroad at the moment so it will be next week before we can discuss things further.

If the sale goes ahead then I also need somewhere to moor! Well everyone says that moorings are hard to come by, but having followed Andy Edward’s blog ‘Khyamanzi’ for some time, I know that Brinklow Marina is newly opened and so I rang to see if they have space. They do, and I now have all the information that I need and the terms and conditions, so if my offer is accepted I shall have to go and have a look and sign up.